Highlights of this walking tour include the city’s Jewish quarter, the Holocaust Museum, the Deportation Memorial, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Going beyond simple facts and figures, your guide will paint a vivid picture of the period!

Your walking tour starts in the heart of the historic Marais district where you’ll parachute right into action as your guide explains the events leading up to the German invasion of France. Once the stage has been set you’ll make your way past key buildings and hidden details that reveal the story of life in occupied Paris. You’ll discuss food rationing, the black market, curfews, and the harrowing struggle for the simplest daily provisions.

A walk through the Jewish quarter will be the perfect setting for tales of deportation and the bleak reality of the final destination: Auschwitz. But your guide will also touch upon some of the unsung heroes who played a part in turning the tides of oppression.

You’ll stop by Paris’s Holocaust museum & the Wall of the Righteous before crossing the river toward Ile de la Cité. There, we’ll show you where the war’s key battles were won and lost like Notre Dame Cathedral, the Paris Préfecture, and the Conciergerie. This area is rifed with bullet holes and artillery impacts hidden in plain sight, and your guide knows exactly where to find them.

Next you’ll delve into some of the most dramatic scenes of the French Resistance and the anonymous everyday heroes that took over the city’s central police station, mounting a narrow victory that defied all odds. Your guide will introduce you to the famed story of the Monuments Men, and a different sort of liberation: this time the stolen artwork across Europe. To conclude you’ll contemplate the harrowing final days of the Occupation, including Hitler’s orders to destroy Paris and the arrival of the Allied Forces just in the nick of time…